Where Are The Tigers? - Mandy Lee Berman

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  • As Mandy Lee Berman marched in the P-rade at her 10th reunion, she was struck by the number of Princeton graduates who had their children and even their grandchildren with them.
  • “I was amazed at the young children all over campus,” said Berman, who is a member of the class of 1992. “They were everywhere, marching in the parade, wearing crazy costumes.”
  • As she watched the kids enjoying the festivities, Berman had a thought: Wouldn’t it be fun if there were a children’s book that Princeton alumni could read to their kids describing the landmarks and traditions they would encounter at Reunions? Berman decided she would pen such a book herself.
  • The result is “Where Are the Tigers?,” which tells the story of a boy named Freddie whose parents inform him they are going to see some tigers. They drive along the highway, then down a wide road lined with tall trees, and finally arrive at the Princeton campus.