Princeton Tileworks Marble Coasters (Set of 4)

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  • 4" Coasters - set of 4 unique designs
  • This marble has a bit of a story
  • A unique tumbling process gives each stone a personality that can be seen on every surface, edge & corner. Carved from large marble blocks, no two stones will ever be alike.
  • The interview and selection process
  • After the tumbling process, each stone is hand-selected at our factory in Providence, Rhode Island for its color, density and character. Nothing but the finest stones are worthy of the Princeton name.
  • No funky resins, thank you
  • We had the opportunity to manufacture a resin-based tile that was perfect in almost every way... except it didn’t have a soul. Our stone is a natural beauty - just like your special place.
  • 4" Coasters - set of 4 designs