Goodnight Princeton - Mimi Omiecinski

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Goodnight Princeton is a print book created to celebrate everything wonderful about growing up in the world's most perfect Ivy League town. The 32 page picture book highlights some of Princeton's most beloved places and attractions. Readers will be taken on a tour through the beloved and historic town as well as the surrounding area. The book highlights some of the best spots of the famous university, stores and shops along Nassau Street, the Princeton Battlefield, the Princeton Art Museum, the library, Princeton Arts Council, Palmer Square, the Nassau Inn, the Dinky and so much more! The illustrations are colorful and bright, depicting special details about Princeton on each page. Written as a rhyme, it is meant to be read aloud to children of all ages. Whether you were born and raised in town or just passing through, as many have done for hundreds of years, this book holds wonderful memories of Princeton.