Membership Information:

The Princeton University Store is one of the oldest co-ops in the country. Governed by a Board of Trustees, we are a not-for-profit store that is owned by its members. From our beginnings in a Princeton dorm room over one hundred years ago, we have grown into a modern retailer with stores on Nassau Street and University Place, as well as many of the athletic venues on campus. We also operate multiple web stores so our members can shop anywhere in the world.

We value all of our members and our proud to have included on our membership roster notables such as: Michelle Obama, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Bill Bradley, Jimmy Stewart, and thousands more!

Members receive a 10% discount on almost all purchases excluding Princeton Pharmacy, Pequod Printing, Stamps, & Giftcards. As a member, you will also receive advance e-mail notice of weekly & monthly member sales and promotions.

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The Princeton University Store lifetime membership is open to everyone for a one time $25 fee. You may also purchase an annual membership for $10. You can purchase your U-Store membership now and use it when you shop with us today!