Princeton Chubblet Tiger Black Tee
Chubby little tiger Wears a black tee with Striped P and Princeton in orange
Princeton Tiger Beanie Plush
Princeton Beanie plush tiger  Black sweater features orange P on center front
Class of 2022 Plush Beanie
Plush beanie tiger  Black sweater has orange P on front and 2022 knitted in orange on back
Princeton Chubblet Tiger Pink Tee
Chubby little tiger Wears a pink tee with Striped P and Princeton in white
CuddleKins Tiger Baby - 8"
This baby tiger cub is ready to earn his stripes. Plush and soft, he’s hunting for a frolicking...
Princeton - Plush Tiger - With Scarf
Plush Princeton tiger with black scarf featuring Princeton  Orange P on bottom of back paws
Tiger with Princeton Hoodie
Princeton plush tiger featuring black hoodie
Hugger Tiger - Wild Republic
This little tiger stuffed animal loves giving hugs. Spread the arms wide open. Give the belly a squeeze,...
Tiger Cub - 12" - Wild Republic
Super cute. Super soft. Super huggable. This tiger cub makes a grrrrreat daytime playmate and nighttime bunkmate. With...
Laying Down Tiger - 7"
Part of the Wild Republic Hug em' Tiger collection. 7"  You won't want to change a single stripe...
Class of 2021 Plush Beanie
Princeton - Class of 2020 - Tiger Beanie Plush
Tiger Plush - 9"
9" Princeton tiger Black sweater with Princeton across center front
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